Raised in a place where my black means beautiful , I understand the meaning of self preservation. I started out as a hair stylist I styled hair for over 20 years before  working for a dermatologist as a medical  assistant. In these careers  I always encounter people who dreamed  to be healthy and look beautiful . My clients used me as a therapist just about always and with  each situation I was very supportive because i have a passion for helping others. As their advocate I felt the need to provide  my clients  and patients with the resources and information they needed during the time . Creating Heal Health Herbs was a way for me to address the needs of everyone on the journey to rebuild a healthy lifestyle  inside and out because beauty starts skin deep. I stand by my 100 % raw ingredients that are packed with love and sourced from grate meadows and fields  around the world . I plan to inspire  as many people as i can to restore unhealthy eating habits with easy routines the whole family can enjoy, all while removing  toxins that are proven to be harmful towards our overall health. My products will not only create a healthy lifestyle but they will  rejuvenate our beautiful hair and skin  during the process. I always remind people that this particular lifestyle is not just for me , I believe this lifestyle is for anyone dedicated to their complete well being . At Heal Health Herbs our  herbal products and remedies are not just a trend but a mosaic lifestyle for everyone.

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